When F received copies of his  never seen before Care Plan Reviews and the October 2010 Assessment, he found that NONE were signed.

As he could not find any information,  on 29th July 2014, he asked senior Professor in Law about this point.

Professor Chalmer’s reply  is interesting.  It is clear that RBKC by not asking anyone to sign their  documents, expose themselves to criticism and inability to prove that the documents were completed in the individual’s presence.

Of course, this is prevented by simply NOT giving the individual a copy, therefore he will NEVER know not only the content of the document,  so the question of a signature becomes superfluous.  Until, someone asks for a copy.   Taking into this ever happening, it is safe to continue with this ghastly, underhanded ruse, to con individuals.

By not asking the individual to sign the documents, RBKC ends up in tricky situation,  by NOT being able to PROVE that the individual ever participated i the completion of the document.

Had F been given copies of his Care Plan Review, he would have NEVER agreed for his HIV relevant information to be recorded.  Provision of a domestic cleaner hardly necessitates  for this fact to be known.  

Therefore, this specific information would have NEVER been recorded and you would not be reading this Blog, as any of F’s HIV relevant information would NOT have been recorded.