Law Commission

The :Law Commission published two reports, which are of interest, as they address F’ concerns.

  1. Adult Social Care – Consultation analysis published in March  2011.  This publication addresses in some detail the process of establishing individual’s “eligibility for Adult Social Care”.

2. Data Sharing Between Public Bodies – scoping report, published in July 2014.  This report publishes actual conversations with various organisations and highlights the many problems local authorities have with the interpretation of the various  legislation dealing with data protection.  It confirms that there is a  poor understanding of data handling legislation, due to non-availability of proper legal advice from the “in-house” legal professionals. 

However, this ignorance is not an excuse for not seeking proper legal advice from external sources; for  example,  from the many legal professionals local authorities have on confidential retainers.  Some to ensure that they do not assist anyone in a case  against the local authority, or provide any advice; others to provide legal advice on how get out from a compromising situation.

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