Court of Public Opinion

As shown on the pages of this Blog, F tried, from the very beginning, to obtain legal advice, either for free or for a fee.   Without any success.  Perhaps because there is no precedent,  a case dealing with a disclosure of individual’s HIV+ status without his consent, or perhaps because of the nature of the information.

F even tried to obtain advice from a Barrister, through the Direct Access scheme, again without any luck.

The idea of becoming a Litigant in Person, landed F in a legal ‘cul-de-sac’, unable to proceed any  further.  For whatever reasons, perhaps also due to some ‘dark forces’ trying to scarper  his efforts, he could not proceed further. 

Even if he went to court, the case, due to the nature of information, would perhaps be heard in private by  a bewigged judge, who will decide one way, or another.  The case would be closed and files.  The public at large quite unaware of the process.

Therefore, F decided to publish his concerns, together with all the relevant documents, from all  of those asked.

F is now asking the readers of this Blog to comment, advice and even judge RBKC’s actions.  It may be relevant to mention that this is the same RBKC, which was involved in a shameless  charade in respect of GRENFELL TOWER, in which  Fate dealt them an appropriate card – that of DEATH.

Therefore, those interested in giving their judgement, are invited to do so on the ‘Desired Outcome‘ page.

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