Dr Barry Quirk

When  Mr Holgate, RBKC’s interim CEO, ‘stepped aside’ few days  after the Grenfell disaster,  Mrs May parachuted in Mr Quirk, hoping to save the Tory’s bacon.  It can be alleged, according to the events since Mr Quirk’s Appointment, the bacon has turned rather rancid.

Dr Quirk was an CEO of Lewisham, one of London Boroughs; of  13.57m2 and 286,180 residents.  He is now  in RBKC,  4.68m2 and 155,584 residents.  Considerably smaller than Lewisham, in area as well as population; yet it is considered that he is utterly out of his depth, unable to put into practice what he preaches in his books:

Synopsis for the 256 pages ‘Re-imagining Government‘ published in 2011, states “In an age of austerity, public leaders and managers face a range of external challenges – fiscal, social and political. Combining theoretical insight, empirical commentary and practical experience, this book examines how democratic political systems work and how public decisions are made – and how they could be made better.”  Written in 2011, how relevant is it in 2018?  Mily, wrote a review in February 2012  on Amazon, concluding with  “Let’s not just stop at imagining’…..Let’s hope that the readers  have implemented the imaginations into reality.  As for Dr Quirk, the opinion in the Borough is, judging from his achievements,  a myopic daydreamer.

‘Esprit de Corps:Leadership for Progressive change in local government’.  Sadly, none on them on the  bestseller list.

Just wonder, would these old tomes be available at the Horton Central Library?  If not, perhaps Dr Quirk might think of donation a copy, so that the few many enlighten themselves….

Dr Quirk was very plain  about RBKC.   However, what has he done about it is more difficult to find.

It is alleged that Dr Quirk’s brief was to stifle the progression of the ‘story’, lest it may unearth the dire problem in London’s ‘Social Housing’, as addressed in  the media recently.

It was wholeheartedly hoped by all of those with a vested interested in the “‘Regeneration Process” that the event would  stop hanging around like a smelly pesky fart; go away  and ‘business would return to  as normal’.  RBKC reacting ‘because they have to, rather than that they WANT TO

It can be alleged that Dr Quirk has succeeded in his brief, somewhat.   

However, events since the disaster ensured that ”Grenfell” would not go away, as hoped.   Should you ‘Google’ ‘GRENFELL’,   the response will show that there are almost TEN MILLION internet sites,  which mention this word, which before 14th July 2017, was known only to few; especially the residents of the Grenfell Tower, who have had an ongoing battle with RBKC about the safety and security of the Tower.

Another sorry example of his ‘management expertise’ is the Holland Park fiasco.  Nothing but a third rate operatic venue, subsidised by RBKC, resulting in concerns about the care for the needy and elderly.

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