Earlier events

On 22nd February 2000,  Mr F was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, suffering from PCP and CMV.  At the same time he was diagnoses HIV+.  Both of these conditions are NOT HIV specific.

Whilst recovering, he suffered  a bad stroke, which left him weak on the left side of his body, which badly affected his mobility.  He suffers from this to this day, together with progressive peripheral neuropathy, itinerant vertigo, and progressive sensory impairment.

In  early April  2000,  it became evident that  due to the poor state of his health and mobility, he would not be able to return to his  home.  RBKC  Social Services got involved and discussed with him his future accommodation.   On 18th April 2000, RBKC asked St Mary’s Hospital  for a ‘general letter’, to support F’s Housing Application.

Yet, for unknown reason, a  request for same letter was made by RBKC on  25th April 2000  from St John’s Hospice to support F’s Housing Application, played an upsetting  role.  This is discussed in the Accommodation page.

When F finally left the St John’s Hospice on 12th June 2000,  he was accommodated in a temporary accommodation, from which he moved in 2003 to his permanent home, where he lives now.

Due to the urgency of the requirement, RBKC provided him,  without carrying  out a ‘needs assessment’ as permitted by paragraph 47-(5) of the National  Health and Community Social Care Act 1990,  with 4 hours of DOMESTIC help, to assist him with everyday mundane domestic chores, he was unable to manage alone, due to his poor mobility and sensory problems, caused by his stroke. 

There is no evidence that an assessment  for this service was carried out later on, as required by paragraph 47-(6).

F applied for and was awarded the highest rates of both elements of the Disability Living Allowance, DLA.

Between 2000 and 2010 various Social Workers carried out   Care Plan Reviews, never discussing their content with F,  let alone giving him a copy to review and sign them confirming veracity of the information, which is a practice at all of the local authorities we asked.  





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