Williams’ qualifications

In May 2011 F learned that  assessments of individuals  suffering from physical and/or sensory impairments,  should be carried out by a properly qualified Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist,  rather than mere Social Workers without these additional qualifications..

Therefore, on 7th May 2011, F submitted an FOI to RBKC, about Mr Williams’ professional qualifications, which would permit him to carry out an such as assessment.

RBKC refused to let him have this information, using ‘confidentiality of staff information’ as an excuse.

When F challenged this decision, RBKC’s CEO replied on 28th June 2011, which was utter nonsense.  It is hardly of F’s interest whether Mr Williams is a person of good standing.  The important question is whether he was professionally qualified to carry out the alleged assessment.

On 7th August 2011, F replied to the above response.

F was unhappy and complained to the ICO, who upheld his request and stated that RBKC  must disclose Mr Williams’ professional information, as it is directly relevant to his job.  However, had he had a degree in basket weaving, this is not relevant.

F learned that Mr Williams has academic qualification, enabling him to register with the regulators, the Health Care Professionals Council, who issued him a licence, to enable to call himself and work as a ‘Social Worker’.

Interestingly, all of those local authorities we asked, confirmed that an assessment of individuals suffering  form physical and/or sensory impairments, would always be conducted by a properly accredit Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist

Their signature on the assessment document would be adequate to proceed o the next step of the  process.  NO  local authority have an ‘Assessment Panel‘  like  that of RBKC to process assessments.  However,  RBKC’s Panel did NOT have a professional member, authorised  to deal with these physical/sensory impairment assessments.  They were all merely Social Workers, if that.  The Panel was nothing but a clumsy smoke screen, to add a faux gravitas to the Panel’s decisions.

F submitted an FOI about the composition of this Panel.

It can be assumed from the reply, that the Assessment Panel did not contain any qualified Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists, entitled to consider specific type of  an assessment.  Therefore, there are ALL SUSPECT, as the Panel could have decided whatever they wanted, without any professional obligations imposed on them.

Furthermore, it is interesting, how quickly RBKC came to use the ‘Staff Confidentiality’ excuse, to prevent any unwelcome/embarrassing  questions.  

Yet, F’s legal right to CONFIDENTIALITY was not  even considered, let alone acted on.

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