Ms Maclean justify disclosure

When F learned about his Social Worker’s professional obligations, he wrote to him on 11th January 2013,  pointing out his failure to adhere to his Code of Ethics, issued by the British Association of Social Workers, BASW.  F also mentioned  the worthlessness  of his  incomplete, unverified and unsigned assessment document.

Instead of replying himself, as he should have done, Mr Leak forwarded F’s message to Ms Caroline Maclean, the ‘Head of Assessment’

Ms Maclean replied on 14th January 2013, completely ignoring  to address F’s concerns.

Instead, she meandered  into the Realm of conjecture and stupidity.  In her abjectly arrogant tirade  telling F that RBKC were ‘unable to resist  the request from the LGO, and not providing the requested information would be prejudicial to RBKC’s REPUTATION.

Ms Maclean, In an unbelievable bout of misplaced self-importance and customary RBKC arrogance,  told F that she considered his emails vexatious.

Unfortunately,  due to her myopic intellect, Ms Maclean got her facts wrong.  The LGO’s request  was merely for ‘assessment documents and general information’.  Nowhere did he ask for medical information, let alone F’s HIV related information.  The LGO was, as he should be, unaware of  F’s medical conditions; these were irrelevant to the ‘assessment process’, as addressed on the assessment page.

By stating that RBKC was unable to resist to provide the information, she confirmed that RBKC were aware that F’s HIV status was disclosed to the LGO.  Had they not done so, Ms Maclean thought that would be detrimental  to RBKC’s reputation.

RBKC provided F’s HIV specific information merely because Ms Parker, the ‘Monitoring Officer’ deemed it NECESSARY, whilst ignoring the strict provisions of CONFIDENTIALITY  and the Statutory Restrictions on data handling, addressed on the disclosure of information page.

In respect of  the British Association of Social Workers, F contacted them  on 27th July 2013 and was told that as from 2012, the Health Care Professionals Council, HCPC became the regulators of Social Workers, to whom he addressed his concerns on 19th February 2013.





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